5 Bathroom Renovation Tips for Your Dream Space


Would you enjoy a visit to a luxury spa resort? The soothing ambience, tranquillity of the surroundings and the ability to ease all of your senses… sounds quite extraordinary. But what if you had the opportunity to visit a spa every day of your life? While many people have the tendency to spend unreasonable sums of money to be pampered in an extravagant remote lodge, there’s also an option of investing that money in certain bathroom renovations which could help you achieve that spa-like ambience right there in the comfort of your own home. Of course, if you wish to design a personal paradise, it’ll be wise to seek some inspiration and follow a few quick and easy guidelines.

Consider the Space

Before starting any type of renovation projects, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re dealing with. This is why it’s crucial to plan carefully, measure thoroughly and consider all the details. It’s also a good idea to keep in mind that sometimes alternative ways can make a great finishing result. For instance, if you have a smaller bathroom, choosing a shower over a tub can be a better choice and investment. Of course, you can always find a compromise by opting for a smaller sized bathtub or a convenient corner sink. Storage space in the bathroom is also an important factor, so a hanging vanity could be a wise idea as well.


Illumination Is the Key

The type of illumination in the bathroom is one of the most important factors by far, as it can greatly affect the overall ambience of the space. If you’re striving to achieve a natural atmosphere, the best solution would be to introduce natural lighting into the bathroom area by adding more windows or a sensational skylight. Of course, other than sunlight, the bathroom should have a mixture of different lighting fixtures which can help increase the mood. A subtle combination of decorative, task and accent lighting is bound to create the perfect spa-like ambience in the space.

Choose Your Style

Choose a style that inspires you and gives you the ability to feel like a queen of your personal haven. There’s a variety of styles to choose from, depending whether you prefer a more modern look or perhaps the rustic appeal. You can never go wrong by opting for the elegance of the Victorian or Edwardian style as well.


Be Extravagant

Choosing the style and the overall look of your bathroom space should be an essential part of every remodelling project. Of course, if the main purpose is to refinish the bathroom area in order to increase the home value before selling the house, then it’s probably best not to go over the top and choose a more traditional approach. On the other hand, if you’re refinishing the bathroom solely for yourself, there’s no need to be modest. Choosing a few high-end materials can add a luxurious touch to your bathroom and certainly won’t’ break the bank.


Keep It Functional

Lastly, it should be necessary for the form to always follow the function. While a beautiful bathroom is certainly a commodity, it’s important for this facility to be functional as well. Ventilation is one of the main considerations here, while it would be wise to choose durable and easy maintainable materials for the space. Plumbing is one of the most important factors here and it would be necessary to have a professional install and repair any possible irregularities. Many major cities have a difficulty with providing quality plumbing services, and like that, finding a good plumbers and blocked drains experts in Sydney was practically impossible until recently. Faulty installations can cause some major issues later on as well as often cases of blocked drains, so it would be best to rely on professional services to handle these types of problems during your renovation projects.

You don’t have to rely on private spa resorts to get your daily dose of serenity. Now, with just a few simple hacks, you can rest easily knowing that you have your personal piece of heaven right there in your home.


The Best Birthday Gifts for Your Bestie


It’s that time of the year again. Your best friend’s birthday is nearing and you still have no idea what to get her this year. A lot of people go out of their way to make their bestie feel special on her birthday and try to outdo themselves every year. But there is no need to spend a lot of money. When buying a gift for your best friend it is the thought that counts not the price tag. That is why we made a list of the best birthday gifts you can get her. These won’t break the bank but you will surely make for some beautiful memories.


You cannot go wrong with flowers. They are a classic and probably the best gift for any girl. However, since it’s your best friend`s birthday you need to get more creative than just buying a bouquet. If you don’t know already, find out what her favorite flowers are, buy a bunch of them and fill every corner of her house with them. You will definitely put a smile on her make her feel special on this beautiful occasion.

Weekend Trip

This one is a bit more expensive than the rest of the gifts on our list, but it is sure to make a lifetime memory for your friend. Rent a lake or a beach house and invite your whole squad to spend a weekend relaxing and toasting to your bestie`s birthday. Memorable and fun nights are guaranteed, just don’t bring your boyfriends because this is the one weekend of the year when the birthday girl gets to hog the limelight.


Personalized chocolate

Any edible gift is a good choice, but customized chocolate gifts are an even better one. There is no cuter or more special gift than their favorite chocolate with their name on it. You can write whatever you want, perhaps some inside jokes. You can even make it in a specific shape. Almost all bakeries provide this service, but if you prefer, you can order it online and save some time.

Subscription Gift

Get your best friend a gift every month for a whole year with a subscription box. This is a fun way to surprise her every month with her favorite makeup products, exotic foods, magazines or even clothes. They are fun to look forward to and are pretty affordable. Nowadays a lot of companies offer these kinds of subscriptions and they literally cater to everyone`s taste.


Jewelry box

Every girl needs a jewelry box and what better occasion to get one than on your birthday. There are a lot of options, different types and designs so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your best friend. You can choose the color and material and even add a personal touch, for example by carving her name on it. If the company selling them does not provide that service already, take it to a professional wood carver. She can keep it in her bedroom and it will last her a lifetime.

That ends our list. We hope this article gave you a few ideas for your next birthday gift and that your bestie will enjoy them. Remember to put some thought into them and add a personal touch to the present because nobody knows your best friend better than you do and you are sure to make a long lasting memory.

Style Secrets To Landing Your Next Job

What is that magical element that you have to pay special attention to when preparing for a professional interview? The number one secret behind the job-landing attire is simply being appropriate. Since different companies seek different profiles, we have to make sure we come across as their niche. However, this entails a number of aspects, such as clothes colour palette, cut and fit, material, as well as hair, makeup and accessories.

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Colour palette

Although the common office “uniform” often includes hues like black, dark/light grey, navy blue and white, more and more companies are walking away from this uneventful colour palette.

Still, there’s a way to complement one of these colours in a monochrome ensemble with the smart use of accessories or accent pieces. For example, an elegant black jumpsuit paired with a same coloured chic jacket can be refreshed with a pair of delicate pendant earrings, discreet gold belt or classy animal print shoes. The same outfit can be matched with a red or white blazer for contrast.

Design and fit

First and foremost, wear the clothes that actually fit. Clothes bursting at the seams and unsightly bulges in the wrong places certainly don’t make a good first impression. Still, if you’re a bit on the curvy side, don’t deny yourself the sophisticated effect a dress can have. There are so many wonderfully tailored plus size dresses on the market that can make you look stunning and job-appropriate.

In addition, wear the clothes that go well with your body shape. For instance, straight body type can be subtly accentuated at the waist with a mid-width belt, while wide hips in pears can be softened with dark-coloured high-rise pants. Finally, short pants, mini-skirts and plunging cleavage are a definite faux pas.



Don’t choose tweed or any overbearingly structured, thick material if you’re applying for a playful, young-spirited job, since the last thing you want to come across is like a fuddy-duddy, all-work-no-play kind of person. This, however, doesn’t work if you’re applying for a fashion related job, where a classic Chanel jacket may just do the trick.

The general rule is to avoid transparent fabrics or anything too fluffy that sheds around the place. Classic smooth-weave cotton is a foolproof option. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t “push” a material (like cashmere) that belongs to another season just because that piece you have is fantastic.

3 (1)

Hair and makeup

Whether it’s short or long, the first thing you have to do is put the hair away from your face. Messy hair that covers your face makes you look like you have something to hide.

Even though the last few seasons have been all about funky hair colours, such as blue, rose and green, the business environment is usually not the best place to sport these. If you just got one of these shades, make sure to pull your hair in a classy bun that doesn’t reveal too much of your hair colour. In any case, opt for a simple pulled-back coiffure, and make sure it’s neat and clean.

When makeup is concerned, it’s best to go with the neutral look that’s also in, this year. If you really want to stand out, don an Oxblood lipstick, but tone down the other elements.


Leave the chunky jewellery and eccentric ensembles to Karl Lagerfeld, and don’t overdo it with accessories. A single power ring, striking earrings or a statement necklace are more than enough, but steer clear of Red-Carpet pieces. Combine it with a good watch that matches the style of your outfit and you’ll instantly come across as someone who respects other people’s time and schedule.

The holy grail of interview dress code secrets is knowing how to dress for the industry you’re trying to get into.  These are some of the basic advice on how to style yourself for such an occasion.

What Your T-Shirt Style Says About You


You probably never thought about how your preferred choice in T-shirts can convey a message about your own personality. In all honesty, everyone has one style that they always go for, and you can check this out for yourself when you find yourself in the next shopping spree or by simply looking at your wardrobe. Of course, it is obvious that several styles will always be mixed and combined, but in following text we’ll deal with some explicit examples that showcase one’s individuality as well as personal touch in the outfit of choice.


Simple single color shirts

Those who reach for plain and simple T-shirts in black, white, nudes or soft colors in general, are said to be practical and value comfort above all else. This choice of basic T-shirts is a really smart investment since they can easily be combined with other garments, and are also really easy to incorporate in both daily casual and evening outfits.


Bright colors and interesting patterns

People who love wearing bright striking colored shirts which are often mixed with some crazy patterns are generally laid-back and don’t care about what other people may say. Someone who loves striking colors for their tops often goes for the same bold colors for their other garments as well. This is a sign of a strong and confident personality with clearly defined tastes and opinions.


Animal print

Not many people enjoy wearing animal print T-shirts but those who do know exactly how to draw attention to themselves and feel confident in their own body. While it’s true that one has to be very careful when combining animal prints, this kind of print can be successfully worn for both day and night occasions. This is a perfect print for anyone who’s not afraid to show off their attractiveness and sensuality.


Ordinary cotton shirt

If you have a favorite brand or band, own a lot of their quality promotional T-shirts and simply love to combine them with jeans , your desire for comfort as well as a certain distinctive feature is something that can describe your personality. Your casual nature while wearing this outfit to the park, store or coffee shop is a sign of tender simplicity but also a strong attitude.


Custom design

Souls who like to wear their creativity as a shield would find a lot of joy in wearing custom design T-shirts. Whatever you think of can be printed on a shirt. Therefore, it has never been easier to show off your creativity and stuff you like. You can get custom design with your own drawings, but also cartoons and meaningful quotes. This kind of a shirt choice can tell a lot about your interesting, unique and creative personality as well as show the power of your independence.

If you managed to recognize one of your shirts hanging in the closet, congratulations, it means that you have built your own style. Do not worry about whether it is good and proper – personal style is something individual, what you carry inside. Regardless of the environment that surrounds you and plays a big role in forming your tastes, it’s more than recommended to learn to express your own personality in order to feel better and more complete. As long as you feel confident in your own skin and clothes, people around you will recognize and respect your strong presence.

How to Properly Organize Your Make Up and Beauty Products

Even if you do not have a lot of makeup and beauty products in your bathroom, they can look messy and disorganized. Not to mention what happens if you have enormous amounts of these products. To prevent any mess and clutter, lost brushes and lipsticks, you need to get organized and clever. Here are some of the most cunning ways to tame your beauty products.

make up

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Vases and Pots

Do you have empty glass vases and plant pots that you do not want to throw away? If yes, and you do not know what to with them, turn them into a brush holder. Fill your vase or a decorative pot with some colorful stones or coffee beans and “plant” all of your brushes inside. Never lose the brushes again and have a new decorative peace on your vanity.

Old Plastic Bottles

Do not throw out old plastic bottles. Give them a new purpose; especially to those cute little colorful ones. Just cut the top, heat up the edges with your iron so they will not be sharp, and voila! New storage is born. Here you can neatly organize your brushes, glosses, lipsticks, and whatever else needs storage space.


Wine Racks

Numerous hair spray bottles and body lotions can really take up all the valuable space. To solve this space issue, all you need is a desired metal wine rack. You can decorate it a bit and simply stack all the bottles of oils, lotions and hair sprays.

Spacious Glass-top Vanity

By giving your vanity a new glass top, and filling the drawers and compartments underneath it with your beauty products and makeup, everything will be neatly stored and visible. This way you can easily choose what you need and always have your makeup accessible. Also, do not forget to provide good lighting for your new vanity. Search for some quality lighting and transform this glass beauty in your perfect beauty corner.

make up 1

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Drawers with Dividers

Probably the best way to organize makeup is dividing it according to shapes and sizes. If you like the surface of your makeup vanity clean and tidy, then you should move all the products into the drawers. To take the organization to the next level, build in dividers into the drawers. This way, everything will have its place, and you will not waste time fumbling through the drawer looking for the right shade or pencil.

Mason Jars

These fancy looking jars are good for almost anything. Gather several mason jars, mount them on the wall in your bathroom, and have a perfect place for your brushes, pencils, eyeliner and other beauty products neatly organized. Not only this storage looks good and creative, but it makes thing easily accessible. Additionally, you can always decorate the jars and make a great addition to your bathroom.


Ice Trays

Instead of leaving the unused ice trays to freeze and go to waste, give them a new purpose by using them as eye shadows holders. You just have to clean them up, and organize your eye shadow singles according to colors into the slots and there you have it. You can even paint the tray into various colors and blend it in with the rest of the décor.

Hooks in the Cabinets

If you are tired of all the hairdryers, hair straightners and other hot tools just lying around the vanity, find them a new home. If your cabinet allows it, hang up a few hooks on the inside of the cabinet doors, and just hang your tools.

Organizing the makeup and all those beauty products has never been easier. All you need is a bit of imagination and motivation and your bathroom and makeup station will always look as perfect as you are.

Top 5 Celebrities that Set Latest Fashion Trends

They are trendy. They are classy. They are funky. Selena Gomez, Harry Styles, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and Gigi Hadid are the top five celebrities setting the latest trends. Not afraid to experiment with different patterns, styles, colours and textures, they always look impeccable.

Selena Gomez


Carine Roitfeld, an epitome of French style, once said for the Guardian that her favourite colour is black. Spotted two weeks ago in Paris, Selena, a Pantene’s ambassador for 2015 wore a black and deep-plunging Ronald Van Der Kemp dress, black sheer SOEBEDAR heels, Christian Dior sunglasses and red lips. When in Paris, do as the Parisians do definitely works for this young trendsetter. In contrast, Selena loves sporty chic, too. At LAX airport, she wore a red sweatsuit and a black bag combined with white Jimmy Choo strap heels. That she is not afraid to mix and match various colours and textures shows the outfit consisting of high-waisted denim, a cream trench coat, a red bodysuit and white pumps.

Harry Styles


One Direction’s lead singer, Harry Style, enjoys getting out of his comfort zone with various outfits, so it does not come as a surprise that he opted for a red full floral suit paired with a black dress shirt and black shoes. He can also create the opposite look with a black suit and a black and white printed dress shirt. At the BBC Music Awards, he paid homage to the 70’s by wearing a black striped flares and a black dress shirt. Handmade leather goods such as leather bags are another signature piece of this star. Harry loves black bags, especially with jeans and plunging shirts. He is one of the bravest men on the fashion scene, since he can pull off, apart from a floral suit, leopard and heart print.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner has proved as one of the trendiest of all Kardashian sisters. She knows how to refresh a black-from-head-to-toe outfit. Black skinny jeans and a black crop top look super fashionable with a navy silk scarf and a blue duster coat. All nude and grey outfits look gorgeous on her, too. The model was spotted during Paris Fashion Week in her signature black crop top, high-waisted striped flares, black loafers and a black choker necklace. She also loves all-white outfits, such as the one consisting of an oversized sweater, ripped skinny jeans, a coat and nude heels. Kendall looked gorgeous embracing Rose Quartz, one of the Pantone’s colour of the year. At the Shiatzy Chen show during Paris Fashion Week, she wore a sheer pink blouse, a metallic pink skirt, a pastel green clutch and metallic grey boots.

Justin Bieber


His signature hairstyle is not the only thing Justin Bieber is known for. This pop sensation moved on from side-swept bangs and dropcrotch pants into chic tailored suits. With an all red outfit teamed with white espadrilles, Justin definitely rules the fashion scene. Another look worth mentioning is the one consisting of a flannel shirt, leather pants and a black wide-brimmed hat. For the VMA 2015, he opted for a ripped jeans, a printed dress shirt and a new hairstyle. Not everyone can wear a pink bomber jacket with which Justine showed he is keeping up with the latest fashion.

Gigi Hadid


Gigi is pushing the boundaries of fashion by pairing a pale pink fur coat with ripped skinny jeans and Converse sneakers. Her look at Sports Illustrated’s VIP BBQ was simple, yet elegant: thigh-high suede boots and a champagne-coloured mini dress. Just like her friend Kendall, she is often seen wearing crop tops and black from-head-to-toe. Gigi knows how to look effortlessly chic: over the knee boots combined with a grey slouchy sweater and a blue clutch. Monochromatic outfits are definitely her thing. She teamed red leather pants and a red coat with a nude bodysuit and nude heels. Comfortable can be chic, which Gigi showed us when wearing high-waisted tweed pants, a black turtleneck bodysuit, black fur-trimmed coat and black loafers.

From Michael Kors to Balmain, these five celebrities proudly parade their pieces. They are a true fashion inspiration.

5 Chic Ways to Display Fashion and Accessories in Your Home


If you find yourself torn apart between fashion and interior design and wish to expand this knowledge from yourself to a broader spectrum, then this is just the thing for you. There is no reason why your living space should not become your next fashion project. So check out these 5 stylish ways to bring your home back to life using your own fashion accessories:

Jewellery as an Art Display

What is a woman without her jewellery? Well now, your precious embellishments can be used as fabulous art displays so they would serve their purpose even when you are not wearing them. Choose your favourite pieces, your pearl necklaces, golden earrings and shiny bracelets and put them on display. They can be framed and hung up on the wall or even strategically placed in trays all over the house so they would give out that special luxurious vibe to your home.



Hang Your Scarves

Being a fashion enthusiast you probably have a box full of colourful scarves with different textures and patterns. One of the latest trends today is framing those scarves and putting them up on your walls as art. So forget about pricey artwork and renaissance paintings and create your own little museum of abstract arts using the most peculiar patterns you can find. This can also be a great opportunity to introduce a vintage vibe to the place, just like the beautiful Jessica Alba did in her home.

Use Dress Forms

We all love playing dress up, right? So why not use your powers to create something extraordinary for your home? One amazing trick that could truly bring your home to life is putting up a few dress forms around the house and dressing them up in the latest fashion. This is a great idea as you can experiment with different colours, textures and garments, change them whenever you wish and most importantly – match them to the room surroundings.



Show Those Heels

Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. And there is nothing that we like more than to show off our precious shoes. It is simply not fair for them to be placed in a dark closet gathering up dust. So here’s an idea: Pick out a few glass displays, choose a couple of your favourite pair’s of heels and place them on some focal points in your house. Not only is it simple and practical but your home can look like a fashion museum in just a few easy steps.

fashion 3


Open Up Your Closet

Okay, so we all love to show off our favourite pieces, so who not simply show your whole closet? Do not close off your wardrobe and hide your garments from the world, rather crack those doors wide open and show the world all the colourful garments you so preciously hide. This can also be a good opportunity to de-clutter your wardrobe, and for all the excessive or unwanted clothing and other pieces just call rubbish removal like one in Sydney so you could remove anything you do not need anymore.

Being a true fashionista is not just a hobby, it is more of a lifestyle. It is about finding new ways to accessorise, experiment and bring that creativity to its peak. And what is a better way then to start from your own home?