Festival Favourites

With festival season fast approaching were all filling up our online shopping bags with crazy cute short shorts, colourful sunglasses and metal bras; just to name a few.

Metal bras?! Yep metal bras, tops, dresses, harness; anything you name it and I am totally in love with this trend. You might be immediately thinking ouch! Thats what I thought too but after buying one and wearing it out (I was so excited to debut it) I have 100% fallen in love and now want to own every style possible.

Colourful Sunglasses, Get your John Lennon indie vibe on with these festival go to’s. round, square and over sized all shapes go. For a really cheap affordable pair head to Primark as its best to be prepared for any accidental damage a festival might cause your sunglasses. Another pro about wearing sunglasses is the effortless selfies you can take without having to worry about blinking just as you press the shutter.

What are your festival favourites? Let me know in the comments below


Warby Parker’s Newest Collection

With Spring nearing up and bringing a much needed wave of new fashion trends and styles I was very excited to hear about Warby Parkers spring collection launching on March 14th!

Their sunglasses collection doesn’t just make you look good but they can help you do good too. Warby Parker helps to address and change the fact that almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses, which means that 15% of the world’s population cannot effectively learn or work. They do this by partnering with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

For Warby Parkers newest releases they have given a crew of feminine acetate frames all the saturated color they deserve, with blog tortoise shades and violet-tinted lenses. Other styles in the collection have gotten the same bigger-is-better treatment. They have punched up their flat-brow sunglasses for a copacetic 1970s look, and given some of them the layered treatment for additional élan.

They have a number out stores across America and Canada aswell as the ability to buy online which means there is nothing stopping you from purchasing a pair, whether it’s your first pair or your 6th pair. I have attached three of my favourite pairs from their spring 2017 collection below, let me know what you think and if there’s a different pair you’re loving. 

Top 2016 tattoo trends

Tattooing has been practiced for thousands of years. While the first traces of tattoos were found on mummies, millenniums later we have the chance to come across tattooed people every day. Both men and women, teenagers and adults, choose to have their body or a certain part of their body marked with at least one tattoo. Trends vary from year to year, but it is certain that tattoos will not go out of style any time soon.

image 16Upcoming Tattoo Trends

In the previous years, microscopic tattoo designs were the leading trend in the world of body inking. Various celebrities opted for precisely this tattoo design to express their beliefs or emotions. Since this trend is taking over the world, it will definitely be widespread in the years to come, as well as in the 2016. A certain inscription or an image is the choice of many people when it comes to the tattoo design. Therefore, minimalistic tattoos are an excellent choice, especially if they cannot stand the pain of tattooing. Small tattoos don’t take too much time as opposed to larger ones. Dates, initials, a single sentence quote or a small flower can all be considered minimalistic tattoos.

Single line tattoos

Single line tattoo is a tattoo trend that is closely connected to microscopic tattoos. Indeed, we can say it is a subtype of minimalistic tattoos. The tattoos made of one continuous line became widespread. As it has the same charm as the minimalistic trend, single line tattoo aims to be a dominant tattoo trend in 2016.

image 19Hyper-vibrant tattoos

2015 was both the year of vibrant colour designs and black-and-grey tattoos. Hyper-vibrant tattoos often appear as tremendously real, making the image look alive, when the artist creates it accurately. Even though colourful tattoos might look too showy to some people, they actually tend to be highly elegant, just as black-and-grey do, and are still going to be popular in 2016.

Cubism tattoos

It’s quite a surprise to see the painting style created by Pablo Picasso transferring from painting canvas to the human body. Another trend that will rule the 2016 – Cubism – was flawlessly adapted by tattoo artists in order to produce the fascinating artwork on the skin of many cubism fans. Artists usually use the blocks of colour in order to shape the astonishing imageries of flowers and animals.

image 20Mixed style tattoos

Whenever two different styles blend, the magic is produced. The same goes for mixing the classic techniques of traditional tattooing with photo-realistic ones. By creating mixed style, the artist is given the opportunity to entirely express themselves while respecting the wishes of a customer. Considering that the modern times call for extravagant and eccentric designs, this style will, without a question, be trending in the 2016.

Optical illusion tattoos

Tattoos that play tricks on your mind are the most interesting ones. Optical illusion tattoos remarkably trick the eye into thinking that the image on the body is moving, or that it has three-dimensional depth. When you look at a tattoo and you have the feeling as if the image is emerging out of the skin, that is when you know a true professional and a rare artist had the opportunity to turn an image into a magical design.

The use of shapes, patterns, realism, fonts, and movement to create an expressive modern art twist to tattoos is what characterizes trash polka tattoo style. This style only uses red and black ink and is expressed as a collage on the skin.

image 19

Tattoos are definitely taking over the world, and everyone is equally delighted by the trends that the new age is bringing to them. The artists are, by far, more imaginative than ever, and we can only hope for even more incredible designs.

2016 Shoe Trends

A good outfit is only complete when we match a perfect pair of shoes with it. You could wear the most elegant and fashionable clothes, but if the footwear does not complement the entire outfit, it will look plain and unflattering. 2016 brought a range of fabulous new trends as well as a few from the previous decades that were perfectly adjusted to the 21st century. Check out the trendiest shoes of the season and pick some of them for your favourite ensemble.

Siren shoes 2Pointy Shoes

The trend that was so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s made its comeback in the 2016. Designers decided to make the shoes more chic than before, so this model is going to have some rounding off in a few places. Boots, pumps, ankle boots and even sequined shoes – pointed toes are definitely taking over. Ankle boots are getting pointy toes and rounded heels. Alongside ankle straps, this footwear is going to be one of the most popular this fall.

Buckle Up

The ultimate 2016 footwear trend definitely goes to buckles. We can see large buckles on open-toe shoes, ankle boots and even high boots. Oversized golden buckle makes the amazing addition to the intriguing over-the-ankle boots that Burberry designed for the upcoming season. Mid-calf boots with pointy toes and a big buckle create the superb piece of footwear women will love.

8b2rhv-l-610x610-shoes-sandals-knee+high-lace-tie-string-gladiator-bohemianBuckled Straps

The trend that’s been around for some time, and that everybody loves, is definitely gladiator sandals. With multiple straps, no heel, and minimum material, gladiator sandals are the best footwear on hot summer days. Following this trend, and leaning onto the one from the 40s, strappy heels with the chic new design made the list of the trendy footwear of 2016. Multiple buckled straps make the gorgeous addition to pumps that can be a perfect choice for a dinner date. Moreover, clickable buckle can be a great alternative for the traditional buckles, so invest in a good pair of mid-calf height partial boots with clickable buckle for the ultimate 2016 look.

Square Heels

One of the favourite 2016 trends is footwear with square heels. There is absolutely no other footwear that will provide you with an utmost comfort and style, at the same time. It is by far the most enjoyable heel to walk in, and it also looks amazing.  What is more, everything – ranging from sandals to boots – has this adorable square heel which every woman adores.


Open Toes

From flat sandals to high heel boots, open toes footwear is in the pick of its glory. For the sake of fashion, a true fashionista will put up with a bit of chill during the fall, and rock a pair of fabulous suede open toe ankle boots. A gorgeous siren shoes collection features simple, but elegant black, taupe, and sand suede footwear both with open and closed toes, so make sure you check it out and buy some of these trendy models.

Suede Shoes

From vests, through jackets, hats, bags and all the way to boots, suede is another blast from the past that has taken over the runways. Gorgeous camel, beige and everlasting black all look amazing when it comes to suede footwear. Whether you opt for an elegant open toe with a thin heel, or a casual mid heel ankle boot in camel shade, you cannot go wrong with suede. Additionally, summer wedges look fabulous in suede as well, whether they are navy, beige, or neon colours.

Western boots 3

Whether we are talking about sandals, boots or flats, this year’s footwear is nothing if not versatile.  With numerous trends from the previous decades, designers have still managed to create a unique set of footwear that will fit everyone’s needs.


What to Expect from Swimsuit Fashion in 2016?

It is not easy to get ready for summer, especially when you have to consider that it is just round the corner. Moreover, staying in shape and finding the best swimsuit will require a bit of effort and time. You need to stay updated with the latest summer trends, to ensure that you will not pull off a fashion faux pas.

image 1Sporty Swimsuits

Since people have started striving towards healthier and vivid lifestyle, it comes as no surprise to see sportive swimsuits. Keep in mind that they will be complementing your body only if you are fit. Try to avoid picking out intense colours as they could make you stand out too much. Each swimsuit will look alluring, especially as it contours your body even further, making it a popular choice for many.

Cut-Out Swimsuits

Making bikinis even smaller and having some parts of them cut out will surely create a daring design not everyone is ready to wear. Before you pick out your next swimsuit, make sure that you take into consideration a few factors which can help you out. You should feel great in your swimsuit and not out of place.

image 18Do You Want to Swim or Just Sunbathe?

Depending on what you would like to do at the seaside, it is a good idea to consider what kind of material your bikini will be made of. Opting for denim or velvet can be flattering, but, they will not be the best to swim in. Plan out your day, before heading out to the beach, to ensure that you can have fun and look your absolute best.

Keep It Simple and Fun

Wearing a one-piece swimsuit does not have to mean that you are trying to hide your body. On the contrary, it could make your figure stand out even more while being able to enjoy the sun and the water. Moreover, some types will be able to accentuate your curves making it a must if you want to have the beach dazzled.

image 14Bring the Fashion to the Beach

One of the new sensations that many are still afraid to fully accept are bikinis with long sleeves. While it might seem counterintuitive to wear sleeves in the sun, it will be a fashion statement you should not neglect. This style will require a bit of optional clothing, to help you look absolutely amazing in or out of the water.

Make Room for the Retro

As it is with fashion, old and successful styles usually make a comeback, bigger and better than before. This year will not be any different, especially when it comes to retro-styled swimsuits. Most of the swimwear will come in interesting design with truly unique colour combinations to top it off. The focus is not only going to be on the overall design, rather how it looks on you.

Keep It Classy

For those who love to bask in the sun with an occasional dip in the water, it is best to consider buying a new crochet bikini. This is a unique style which offers many designs that can be fun and innovative. Remember that depending on the design and material used, some crochet swimsuits could get rather heavy. The usage of the afore mentioned swimsuits is most adequate when you are planning on sunbathing.

image 6

Getting Sassy with Style

The biggest hit of the summer will be your new bondage-style swimsuits which are becoming popular quite fast. The original and unusual design allows women to feel empowered and sexy, all the while being comfortable and fashionable. Before you choose one, though, be sure that you will feel good in them, as some might seem too over the top.

image 10

While it is a good idea to keep up with the latest swimsuit fashion trends, you should not force yourself to wear something you do not feel comfortable with. Rather, opt for something that complements your body without making you stand out too much. In the end, you should go with a swimsuit that will make you look good, and in which you can have lots of fun. Whether swimming or sunbathing, your bikini should not feel suffocating at all, as it could ruin your summer fun.


How to choose your perfect wedding shoes

In the midst of wedding preparations, sometimes it can get really difficult to take the time in order to find a perfect pair of shoes, especially since this task doesn’t seem as important as arranging the theme or picking a wedding dress. Most brides-to-be put this task off until right before the wedding and regret it later. It would be wise to choose your wedding shoes around the same time when you get your dress so that you can break in the shoes and practice walking.

bride-510841_960_720Good match with the dress

Before anything else, you should start your search based solely on appearance so that you can narrow your options down. If your dress isn’t pure white but more of a champagne color, the shoes shouldn’t be white either, and vice versa. It’s always better to go with a bold shoe color than mismatching the shades of white and nudes. Also, you might want shoes with interesting details that would match the ones on the dress or just get plain elegant ones if you find classy and simple style more beautiful.

Think about the theme and location

Continuing with appearance, you have to take the theme of your wedding as well as its location into consideration when looking for great wedding shoes. For example, if your wedding reception is to be held outdoors you most definitely wouldn’t want to trouble yourself with really high and thin heels. Apart from heels, wedding receptions at the beach can turn into a fashionista nightmare if you choose the shoe material that can get dirty really easily. Also, fairy tale and vintage weddings are the usual themes these days so pay attention to the style of shoes that would match the wedding theme as well.


It’s all about comfort

Once you know what kind of shoes you’re looking for in terms of appearance, you can start trying them out in order to find ones that feel really comfortable. This is the most important aspect of wedding shoes. Too many brides chose their shoes based solely on their pretty look and suffered the pain of wearing them during the ceremony. You want to smile and enjoy this important day in your life and not try to endure the pain and sit through every dance. This doesn’t mean that you have to ditch every high-heeled pair of shoes that caught your eye. There are some really well-made high heel shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable.

jimmy-choo-spring-2016-bridal-shoes-05Think practical

The best way to ensure the comfort and good looks of your shoes is to buy them with your own fashion style in mind. Therefore, don’t try to change yourself for the sake of wedding day when it’s all about you. Perfect wedding is a reflection of your own personality and the same goes for bridal shoes as well. That being said, if you’re not used to heels and don’t wear them in your everyday life, it would be wise to skip them for your wedding day, too. On the other hand, if you can’t imagine yourself in a pair of flats, there’s a vast choice of shoes with many different styles and heel heights. As long as you follow your own preferences, you’ll be able to get yourself a perfect pair of wedding shoes that you can easily wear after the wedding with some of your regular outfits.


Once you make your final choice and buy the shoes, make sure to wear them at home so that you can break them in and adjust them to your feet and way of walking. That way, you’ll have enough time to test them out and make any changes you might need to, before your big day.


The Best Guide to Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

No season has passed by without a staple of clothing we become obsessed with. However, when the fashion is good and you can’t really put a finger on your favorite trend, there’s nothing else you can do, but fall in love with all of the pieces simultaneously (well, as long as you don’t pair up pieces that are a total mismatch, you are good to go).

This season, we were caught by surprise when a range of slip ons, ruffles, vivid colors, ombre effects, stripes, mirrors, chokers, ‘90s vibes, leather, fur coats (faux), and other brilliant pieces walked the runway. All we’ve seen was a real treat for all the senses!

We’re singling out our favorite pieces (even though it was so damn hard to choose) as suggestions for you to shine in this gorgeous season:

denim-jacket-bodycon-dress-slip-on-sneakers-crossbody-bag-sunglasses-original-11737Enjoy the slip on dress

It’s easy, it’s chic, it’s slinkier than ever – and it’s everything a modern girl should be wearing. Trimmed with lace or done in satin, chiffon and other fine knits (sometimes even see-through), a slip on is meant for a girl who knows her sass and isn’t afraid to show it. The lead concept is underwear as outwear, so expect to look pretty sexy, okay?

A range of vivid color

Rainbow clashes work into a single look with ombre effects on top sound like the ultimate trash and kitsch, but when you look at the concept and the end result separately – what you’re getting are jaw-dropping pieces you’ll want to have in your closet this second!

Ruffles for joy

We never knew ruffles were going to have a comeback, but apparently – they did, and a big one! Ruffles are becoming a key detail trend and both quantity and quality are important here. Wear your ruffles as a base or in accents – either way, you can’t go wrong!

Graphic stripes for sass

At least some kind of super stripe was shown by the majority of designers, with some of them even experimenting with chopped, curled and scattered lines. This season, the stripe is oh so right.


Mirror me, please

An all-time spring/summer favorite is yet again grabbing attention but the high shine fabrics are now cooler and more experimental than ever before. Future-perfect or ornamental, all the mirror pieces are simply fabulous.

main.original.640x0cThe 90s vibe

Who knew! We all thought that we’ve left the 90s trashy vibe behind, never to have it return. However, it apparently has and it’s looking more chic than ever, which is no surprise, really. You’ve noticed so far how all the designer fashion is moving to an absolutely stylish and chic direction so it’s understandable that even the biggest kitsch can be turned into a staple piece.

The models on the runway were all picture-perfect images of that ‘90s Kate Moss vibe, and there was nothing about it we didn’t love. Pairing up sporty street pieces with leather high fashion jackets, or relying on tracksuits for chic may seem unimaginable but when done right – it’s a velour number. We really never thought we’d see the day.

Choker comeback

Even though a big part of the ‘90s fashion, a choker has managed to become a fashion on its own. Embraced and popularized by hip and chic young celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and other trendsetters, the choker has become that one accessory that immediately turns a dull/simple outfit into a show-stopper. Chokers are mostly worn in black, but they do have variants in other colors, too. The preferred materials are velvet and lace.


We hope your spring style will get an amazing spin the moment you adopt any of these new trends. Enjoy!