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The most best way to contact me is through my social media accounts, but if it is to enquire about a collaboration or just business wise its best to email me; and further information and contact details will be given via email if needed.



I’m always on social media, (mostly Twitter and Instagram) I promise I will get back to you. On absolutely everything I’m called MyahRebecca



All photos and text are my own unless stated otherwise. You cannot take my photos, text, ideas; to use/to pass onto other parties/to sell/pass off as your own. If you are found doing so the appropriate actions will be taken. If you wish to use my content first hand then you must ask for permission either by commenting on the post relating to about what you wish to use or email me. -Simple.

Guest bloggers are advised to use their own photos or ask for permission to use anything that is not theirs, however it is up to the individual to make sure their not taking what isn’t theirs. If you have a problem about a guest blogger please go to them personally.


Make sure to leave a comment and I promise a reply

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