Autumn/Winter 2015



Autumn/Winter 2014


A/W14 Trends Straight from the High Street: 
  • Fluffy fur
A rim of soft faux fur around the hood of jackets, cuffs or lined. The best thing about the faux trend? You can look amazing whilst feeling amazing WHILST feeling sung and warm. From a little to a lot be powerful with what you’ve got.
  • Ankel boots
Yes, your fall wardrobe will be seeing a lot of black and earth colours but the shoe colour thats always in now more than ever is black. patten leather to normal leather to suede make sure your next shoes are black ankle boots above 3inches and under 5 to keep it causal and classy any higher and you could find you self leaving high street and into a night party.
  • Tartan Scarfs
Easy to wear and ultra-chic, from traditional black and read to black and green but my personal favourite to black white and pink (and all of the cream and light browns). Tartan scarfs are making there entry on the high street. I know what you’re thinking…and, no, this trend isn’t just for kilts, I swear.A quick tip the longer it falls down your body the taller you will look so it will help elongate your frame.—You’re welcome!
  • Co-0rds
Co-ords are staying for a/w14 they made a late entry in s/s14 and it looks like everyone is falling in love from casuals to perfect wedding outfits to late night partying to a fashionable friday at work with a shift style. They complement the figure with shorts or well fitted trousers. “Add a co-ord combo to your summer wardrobe for a mix ‘n match style statement. Worn together they make the ultimate fashion pairing.”—ASOS
  • Sweater Dressing
Along with the not-going-anywhere crop top, spring knits make for next season’s staple separate. Whether it’s boldly printed or inventively cut, the seasonal sweater is an easy-chic piece to pair with tailored pants, flirty skirts, and blousy shorts—or to just throw on over a light dress.
  • Jumpers Over Shirts
 The lazy jumper over a shirt smartens any look, get a shirt with detailing on the colour tips or buy clip ons! These causal-meets-sophisticated tailored shirts. It’s really all in the styling. To keep the look modern but refined, opt for a dark coloured shirt  (black is so traditional or a beautiful red red) and pair them with a quilted/ribbed jumper. Or take inspiration from Costello Tagliapietra’s “reverse tuxedo,” with striping that runs along the inseam instead.
  • Skirts
Skirts are looking to be stopping just above the knee to the shin black seems to be the main colour but block colours are also coming onto the scene, pair a skater skirt with an earthy coloured red tights and black loafers for a sopficitacted yet light and still warm look.

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