Nails are a blank canvas for you to create on them to show the word who you are I paint my nails very frequently and i paint lots of designs, below are some designs which are very in we have matte colours and patterns, galaxy nails, pastels, glitter, triangles, blending,drips, and a block colour with a cuticle pattern.

Below I have made an endless gallery of photo after photo after photo of nail ideas and colour inspiration enjoy and comment you favourite look! (WARNING: SOME OF THESE ARE WRAPS AND NOT ATUCAL PAINT BUT ALLS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR NAIL ART)





3a6d12817580fcfac64afd87e43f36fd  4a0fbd108aafc27c0727e4afd55e155a  8a27ac6d158353f6e4edc8fb128728d6  557fb216f1ad222670dabf6a755ac4ef  692a3c6a727909b262cc6a5c8a9d432b  20541ca6bdf40f428a1a910581fb34a0  48116a3eb7ae73faa35c92d1bea251dc   bdc95734b285a67b60963edcf37512df   c22f4e40c1985304f31fb6bf1531d65f   d6d6886d39f059118b169f4b8184fdc1   eab0cb8c196cf251e2ad350786cd6ef8   edddfc5dac81c09896153645d58c95ab


2 thoughts on “NAILS TRENDS

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